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While studying for my English supplementary exam, I found out that the rest of the class read a book called the Handmaid's Tale by a female called Margaret Atwood. I say female and not lady because I suspect she may be a Feminist. Feminists have slightly more charm than an Australian on a sheep farm, but with lots more zeal. Australians on sheep farms also get action once in a while.The book seems like my kind of thing. It is labelled a dystopia novel, a genre arguably defined by George Orwell's 1984. Since I have been taken to the principals office for being negative in my time, this bleak outlook of society is like absinthe on my palette. This novel features a Theocracy, so called because the state fulfils the roles of both government and church, which is to say the people of this dystopia wander around in a high-tech Middle Ages. The dystopia is called Gilead, which is probably a Biblical reference I would have been able to spot had I not spent my Sunday school classes wond…


Welcome to the the Necro Files. These should not be confused with a deliberate bunch of individuals who like to lie back and crack open a cold one. Also not to be confused with the Necro Vials - those innocuous looking containers for all inorganic liquids like Castle Lager and Milk Stout, often found littering the vicinity of a gathering of my kin, the Daatsmen.

These files will offer all interested parties a glimpse into my life. I will try not to post the superdodge skanky stuff, since some of my friends already post all of my superdodge escapades on their blogs. Since I will get off soon ( er,, at least I fucking hope so). Let me rephrase. Since the university is closed, I should have more free time. They call it free time since you do not get paid for it. Much of this time will be spent learning useful skills for which I may perhaps be paid for in future. That is the plan, at least. It will probably be spent on drinking and whoring, which leads to timelapses. A timelapse …