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Captain's log, stardate 030806.38 special. I've never been to this piss-up which was aptly described by a camp mate as "the gathering of the Parktown prawns of humanity". Naturally, my pale pallor does not respond favourably to extreme heat, but since this was the coldest week in the history of South Africa, I think I shall fare quite well considering. Also, being a Boere and an ex-Voor Trekkie made things easier. Give me cold beer, give me victory or give me death!

The Enterprise hosted Chancellor Greekorian and company to dinner on the first night. Our manners weren't exactly Emily Post. Aye, a few native substances of dubious origins and even lesser known destinations were to blame. Captain's note: The Funnelagon is not to be utilised at Enterprise functions any longer. Well, at least not in front of a friendly species you want to stay friendly with much longer.

Chancellor Greekorian was stationed on the premises for a scouting expedition to ensure that we b…