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When guns become outlawed

Johannesburg - Music star Zola, who played a gangster in the Oscar-winning film Tsotsi, has urged South Africa to back a UN-driven accord aimed at controlling weapons worldwide.

Zola said weak gun restrictions fed crime and drug addiction among teens in poverty-stricken communities.

"You have to look at how guns and drugs end up in the communities. These kids aren't bringing them to Soweto.

"But they get into drugs, crave them and then go into the streets hunting.

"Ordinary people on the street are terrified because someone could rob you," he said at an anti-weapons drive launched by lobbyists on Thursday.

Armed robberies against businesses have increased 32% in the past year while hijackings occurred at a rate of more than one every hour, official SA figures show.

"We don't know, sitting at traffic lights or in our driveways, if it's safe or if someone might put a gun to your head," said Zola.

Zola has enjoyed enormous success on the SA music scene …