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Problem Solving with Darwin

Genetic Algorithms are a way of solving problems by mimicking the same processes mother nature uses. They use the same combination of selection, recombination and mutation to evolve a solution to a problem.
[AI Junkie Genetic Algorithm Tutorial]

Claudia Schiffer has still not shown herself. I'm beginning to believe that the Law of Attraction is nothing but a farce. They certainly had me fooled, but as George Bush once said: "There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says: Fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again." Something about the shoe being on the other foot in your mouth now.

George Bush. Living proof that mutation is random and we're definitely not intelligently designed.

If the Law of Attraction is not a good problem solving strategy - and that's a big if, I mean the Law of Attraction seems so plausible, especially when you critically evaluate its claims - then what is…

What has the Dalai Lama ever done for you?

The Lama has no formal schooling in the fields of political science, diplomacy or international law. You ask the Lama why Tibet should be independent, and he can't give you any valid reason. He has a monastic education and holds what is roughly the equivalent of a doctorate in Buddhism. The best he can do is claim that according to the ethics of the Yellow Hat Sect, Tibet should be independent from China. China has the Seventeen Point Agreement for the Peaceful Liberation of Tibet. Liberation here referring to the liberation of Tibet from (British, Indian and other foreign) imperialist forces and thus returning to Chinese rule.

The popular belief is that China invaded a fully autonomous state in the fifties. However, there is much debate over the exact nature of the sovereignty of Tibet. Upon closer investigation, this commonly held belief seems short-sighted.

Technically Tibet has only made any attempt to claim independence from China between 1913 to 1959, and even then Tibet faile…

Liberty Essay Competition

I managed to hoard a bunch of Entrecard credits which I don't intend to use. You can win all my Entrecard credits by entering this life threatening competition.

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Win Entrecard credits by entering my Liberty Essay Competition
Obviously, this competition is aimed at fellow citizens of the blogosphere. You can win all my entrecard credits (currently about 1600, after transfer tax) by following these easy steps:
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Write an essay about liberty. Specifically, this is an essay with the topic 'What does Libertarianism mean to me?'. You could be critical or favourable towards Libertarianism, as long as you follow the rules of an intellectually honest debate. You will be penalised for logical fallacies like ad h…

The Devil's Nightmare DVD Review

Italian horror. Enough said.

Delightfully cheap and playfully morbid tale about a group of tourists who are forced to overnight at a haunted castle. Seven tourists are exploited according to their tastes for the seven deadly sins by a succubus with Nazi connections. The succubus also has a very poor attitude towards crafting monograms on her victims.

Perhaps it is possible to find a deadly sin for each of Dr Timothy Leary's seven tongues of god?
Lust answers The Awareness Question. How does man know? Through his body, his senses and his sensual experiences.
Gluttony answers The Life Question. What is life? That which is sustained by consumption of one kind or another. No food, no life. Lots of food, lots of life?
Greed answers The Ultimate Escape Question. How do I get out of here? By clinging to my surroundings. By avoiding anything except my surroundings. A kind of Zen escapement - escaping by not escaping at all.
Sloth is an answer to The Human Being Question. Who…