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Muslim extremists and moderate Muslims: Know the difference!

Recently, there's been a debate about depictions of Mohammed. This is because Mail & Guardian dared to publish a Zapiro cartoon that depicts the Prophet (Peace be Upon Him, but not upon those who dare get in the way of Muslim extremists). In former cases of depictions of Mohammed, the creators of South Park have received death threats, while some Danish embassies were burnt to the ground.

For these reasons, it is absolutely crucial for us as practitioners of freedom of speech to know the difference between Muslim extremists, and moderate Muslims. Though I don't get the big deal. We in the West don't have freedom of speech anyway. Just try some holocaust denial or to walk around with Nazi regalia, my friend. Even saying that Jesus was a Jew could land you in the principal's office (don't ask).

This is an example of Muslim extremists

This is an example of moderate Muslims

Know the difference! It could save your life!

Anamorph DVD Review

This is a gem of a find - an independent film (which means the stars lived in a greasy motel instead of in their own personalised trailers) that stars Willem Dafoe and Scott Speedman (of Underworld fame) in an engaging psychological thriller. Like The Silence of the Lambs, it features a team of special agents taxed and taunted by their perpetrator. Also like The Silence of the Lambs and Manhunter, the focus is on the characters of those doing the hunting instead of on the character of the hunted. But this is not a Robert Harris rip-off. It's more of an Umberto Ecco rip-off.

The serial killer in this film takes the anamorphosis technique as employed by Julian Beever to an entirely new level. By employing camera obscura, tattoos, finger painting (in a somewhate literal sense) and an elaborate pantograph, he anoints himself as the MacGuyver of the macabre. The blood and guts are almost as vile as agent Stan Aubrey's (Willem Dafoe) fascination with antique chairs.


What does the Gini coefficient mean?

The Gini coefficient is often cited by politicians and other socialists to highlight income inequalities. Usually, it is meant to invoke a moral judgement concerning income gaps, thereby justifying government intervention in the economy in a Keynesian manner. This is exactly where the Gini coefficient is abused for ulterior motives.

Whatever you do, crush the infamous thing, and love those who love you. - Voltaire, who rocks and not just because he is a bust.

What is the Gini coefficient?
The Gini coefficient is a measure of income inequality. There are two assumptions here with regards to income inequality, namely:
Complete income equality is when everyone receives an equal income. This state lies on one end of the scale and is represented by a Gini coefficient of 0.
Complete income inequality is when one person or entity receives all income, while the rest receives none. This state lies on the opposite end of the scale and is represented by a Gini coefficient of 1.

The Gini coefficient is…